Pre order “RISING; From The Vault” as a physical cd!!!

Pre order “RISING; From The Vault” as a physical cd!!!
Yes! I am turning my very first (and most expensive recording to date) into a real cd that you can hold, open, listen to, and add to your Jessica Star music library!
This was my first album out of four of all my original songs.
I released “RISING; From The Vault” as a digital download album last Spring and now I’m very excited to add it to my merchandise table at shows and onto my website store. I hope you will order it and maybe order some extra copies for holiday presents. The pre orders will help me pay to have my excellent musician and producer friend, Winter, master the ancient DAT tape I miraculously found in my archives, pay for the graphic artist, Wheeler Stone, to create the album art, and pay the duplication company to press the CDs.
The cd is $20 plus $5 for shipping.
If you want me to autograph it, say the word.
Here is the link for pre orders.
RISING; From The Vault (physical CD)
Thank you ahead of time for your generous and ongoing support of my love of creating and sharing my music.
Jessica Star