Preorders are released!

I just mailed out and emailed out all the preorders of RISING; From The Vault!!! Soon the album will be available to the rest of world!!
I had so much fun filling in the info on each song when I added it to my website music store. With each description, I went back in time in my mind to when I wrote the song and it brought back alot of memories of the people and the situations that were happening at the time. Those were good times! When you're living through those moments, it seems like life will always be that way but as we all figure out, the only constant in life is change. I love that I'm releasing this very first album of mine at this point in my life. It's very good to remember what came before. This album was recorded twenty years ago! Doesn't that seem like a long time? I know, it's kind of mind boggling but it seems like not that long ago really. I've had an entire life time in between. I hope that many people will get to enjoy this album for it is filled with love and alot of legendary talent. You can listen to the tracks right on my website.

Here's to transition,

Jessica Star