the Steampunk World's Fair!!!

Wow! We just got home from two days of shows at the Steampunk World's Fair and let me tell you, it was a GREAT TIME!!! I am so happy with the whole weekend. What a great event. So many creative people all in one place. I just love festivals and events like these. We met alot of really cool people and we got to PLAY!!! My new guitar sounds soooo good! I love her. She purrs... She roars.. She chimes.. I just love her. My band is badass. We played on the main stage outdoors, The Midway Stage... So, Saturday during our set, we were rocking on Wesa and I was just digging in and totally loving my distortion on my guitar and the storm started in!!! After our song, which was only about halfway through our set, they had to have everyone vacate the outside due to impending weather!!! So, then we played today and the sun came out and it got warmer as we went.. We played everything and had a really beautiful crowd of steampunkers and we even got to do The River at the end as an extra! What a great time. Thank you Jeff Mach and Genevieve!!! We love your events. The staff, Circuit 6 sound and light crew, all the volunteers, all the bands totally rock. And now, I bid you goodnight!

Jessica Star