1. Black Bird

From the recording Mystical Creature

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*I looked out my window in Brooklyn, NY one afternoon and saw a crow sunning itself in my garden and from there a song was born!

Jessica Star- All vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Joseph Blackfeather- bass
Mark Abbott- drums, percussion
Betsy Tinney- cello


Black bird drying off in my garden
After a bath in the afternoon
Reflecting light off your feathers
Watch him now; he’ll fly away soon
Black bird could be raven or crow
Superstitious minds have thought ill of you
They’ve deemed you a spy with a malevolent master
But I know that’s not always true
Mystical creature cutting the air
With your wings dark as coal
Watching the world through deep brown eyes
Blackbird messenger of Odin
Bringing him news from all over the land
Melting the heart of Irish Saint Kevin
By making a nest in the palm of his hand
Where do you go when the summer fades and cools?
No longer a visitor in my garden
Black bird shape shifting trickster
Taking pity on human kind
Leaving food, shelter, clothing
And fire for them to find
Where do you go?
Black bird…