1. Spirit

From the recording Mystical Creature

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*This is one of the very first songs I ‘heard’ and called my own.
This song seemed to come to me from the stars way back around 1991in Portland, Oregon where I started my musical journey…

Jessica Star- lead vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Joseph Blackfeather- bass
Mark Abbott- drums, percussion
Diana Rowland- harp
Betsy Tinney- cello


I’ve thought about the future and it’s feeling good to me
I’m looking forward to peace on Earth and the solitude to just be
I’ve thought about the present and I do think so
That to free your spirit you need to learn how to let go
Spirit has no boundaries dances with me
Hand in hand dancing with spirit across the sea
Spirit trusts in spirit holding hands
Light dancing on the ocean, across the sands
I smile at the poor ones with fear in their eyes
The time has come to make a choice and now we realize
The life we live is ours to love, take care and listen to those above
Live in truth and love yourself; the love of family is our wealth
Spirit knows no boundaries spirit’s free
Hand and hand dancing with spirit across the sea
Spirit is so lovely, spirit sings
Once you know the truth about spirit it is all things