1. Wesa

From the recording Mystical Creature

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*Dedicated to Spook

Jessica Star- electric rhythm guitar
Joseph Blackfeather- bass
Winter- electric lead guitar
Mark Abbott- drums


Wesa, Wesa I hope you have a home
Wesa I can’t let you in; I’ve got beasts of my own
He came up to us one night in the late fall
Just after we moved in
He tried to convince me he used to live here
And we’d finally come home
Finally come back for him
So I started to feed him
It was getting cold outside
And I believed him
As it turned into winter
The next time I saw him it was winter and freezing
And the grass was patched with snow
I tried to shoe him away cause I was playing with my baby
I yelled at him to go
He was a mini black panther
With sharpened claws and feral fangs
And he was crazy in love
He thought he’d found the family
Who’d lost him and he was pleading
He kept coming around; he just wanted to be found
He was rough, he was tough, he was a little loco
He’d survived three New York winters on his own
Fending for himself, living in the wild
He’d lost his family and home