1. Arizona

From the recording Mystical Creature

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*For a year before I moved to NYC from Northern California,
I lived in my motor home and travelled throughout the South Western United States.
It was in the Red Rocks of Sedona that I dreamt of living and manifesting my music in NYC.

Jessica Star- rhythm guitar and lead vocals
Joseph Blackfeather- bass
Mark Abbott- drums and percussion
Winter- electric and acoustic guitars
Gary Haggerty- violin


Arizona, towns of Sedona and Jerome
I stayed in the Red Rocks
In my beat up motorhome
Memories of that winter
Will stay with me through all time
At night we’d make a fire and sit
Drinking in the desert skyline
We went places that most folks wouldn’t dare
Up cliff faces in the middle of nowhere
So far from people it felt like an earlier time
We’d stare in wonder at the rocks that were
Too steep to climb
Arizona where the sky goes on forever
Arizona one with the wind, one with the sun
Smoke-stained cave walls and aged cobs of corn
Shards of pottery and sandals so timeworn
Pieces of arrows you find on the path
They say to leave it where you find it
Or face the spirits wrath
Driving through the Red Rocks
Early in the morning, you know that I cried
‘Cause the radio played Waylon Jennings
Back to back on the day he died
In the dessert everything moves real slow
For rambling travelers with no place to go
See the smoke from the fire slip into the sky
The wood we gathered crackles loudly
‘Cause it’s so dry
Arizona where the sky goes on forever
Arizona one with the wind
One with the sun