From the recording Mystical Creature

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*I wrote this song in the morning at my friends’ cabin in the woods near the Pacific Ocean.

Jessica Star- lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Joseph Blackfeather- bass, hand drum
Mark Abbott- drums
Diana Rowland- harp
Betsy Tinney- cello
Kellianna- harmony vocal


Something's welling up in my heart
Feels like I'm sinking under
I'm awake and unafraid
And I'm rolling like thunder
Do you feel what I do?
A force called love making me want to come to you
Release control...
Come to everlasting life, everlasting life
Making a dream come true
Is truly a miracle
Consciously listening
To your inner oracle
Between realities
In the blackest blackness is a place of peace
Where there's no dualities,
Only everlasting life, everlasting life
I saw beyond and through this illusionary world and
I was given a glimpse of reality
And like the curtains drawn and the veils pulled back
I saw light, love, energy!
Are you satisfied with your life and how you live?
'Cause it all comes back to you
And the way you take and give
All I wish for us is love
It's truly the best thing going on
And such a wild phenomenon is
Everlasting life