From the recording Rising; From the Vault

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The idea for this song came to me when I was very young, when I first had the idea of finding my soulmate. I wrote this song while living in NE Portland, one of my first songs. The manifestation of THIS version is amazing to me! Those are real strings and horns!!!


"Full Moon Rising"

Lyrics and music written by Jessica Star
© Jessica Star 2015


Full moon rising I’ll meet my love on the horizon
Sun setting darken the sky for a midnight wedding

1st verse

Black is the night under the moon and he’s coming, he’s coming for me soon
I’ll be waiting ‘til he arrives and fear no longer, fear no longer is part of my life!

2nd verse

We fall like raindrops off of the One; glimmering diamonds reflecting sun
I know your sound surrounds me, when I am quiet I can truly see

1st Bridge

The answer’s within. Only one question is real;
Are you going to live, are you willing to feel?
Subtle changes deep inside; On the current of life we have tickets to ride.
This sound is all I hear; the root and the sky are circling near.
Keep yourself open to experience the deep,
Only heart-felt memories are worth the keeping!