From the recording Rising; From the Vault

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Old Train Blues was written as Rising was being formed and recorded. I wrote this with a bassist named Colin Schlitt in Fairfax, California. We wanted to make this song a story and paint a picture of… a train


"Old Train Blues"

©Jessica Star and Colin Schlitt 2015

1st verse

Well I hear that old train coming
It leaves at half past eight
It's groovin' and grindin'
That caboose is like my bait
And that train is like my baby
He won't let me come on late!

2nd verse

Some are waiting by the wayside
Some are runnin' for the rail
There goes Uncle Charlie
Someone must have post his bail
Ain't no use in weeping
When you hear that whistle wail!

3rd verse

Uncle Charlie ain't got alot
He's got holes in his shoes
He don't bother no one, no
When he's baskin' in his booze
He says," We've all got to choose
And I choose the old train blues."

4th verse

If you fail to plan
You better plan to fail instead
I wake up every morning
With Uncle Charlie in my head
That's all I need now
To get myself the hell out of bed!


You know I've got them
Old Train Blues
Dancing in my shoes
Everybody heard the news
You've got to choose
Old train blues