1. Hurricane

From the recording Rising; From the Vault

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Hurricane was one of the songs I played at every show for years! Maybe it will make it back into my set someday. Once again, John Kahn arranged this as a Reggae tune which was fine with me as I love Reggae. This song was actually inspired by my first trip to Jamaica back in 1991.. Back when I was just forming my first dreadlocks.. What a magical trip that was! I was truly inspired being there and after that my songwriting creative juices really began to flow. Hurricane came out (as in, out of my being) shortly after that trip to Jamaica.



Lyrics and music written by Jessica Star © Jessica Star 2015

1st verse

I’ve been listening to the wind
It tells me something’s coming ‘round
My life’s like a hurricane sometimes
Now I settle like the storm

2nd verse

I feel you near
I clear my senses and let you walk on in
Your love’s like a summer rain sometimes Let it fall down on my shore

3rd verse

I’ve been listening to myself
I seem to have everything I need
A compilation of everything I am, I am!
Now I rise up and fly