1. Rainbow Bridge

From the recording Rising; From the Vault

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Rainbow Bridge was a truly inspired song. I heard this song more than I used my brain to write it. That's how alot of my music comes to me. This song was written very early on in my songwriting career. You can tell in the way that there are multiple different parts and not alot of repeating parts. I once had a musician tell me that I either knew alot about music or nothing and he couldn't really tell which it was. I liked that. I knew enough to listen to the music that was being given to me and get it formed so I could share it with everyone who wants to hear it...


"Rainbow Bridge"
© Jessica Star 2015

1st verse

In the book of love
There are many colors
To build the bridge that we'll be walking on
From the old world
To the new one
Like in ancient times
When we travelled the land
Through deep bush forest
And hot, dry sand
To follow her calling


Flow like a river
'Tis thy nature to grow
Through turbulent waters
Get on with the flow

2nd verse

We've looked to the oceans
We've followed the stars
Now it's time to follow our hearts
That's the only way
We're going to find her
It came to me not so long ago
A blazing light within my soul
It's gone again but in return
My soul's uplifted
My fire burns!


Open my eyes, now I can see
Just what life's been teaching me
Forgive thy self
Upon your knee
If we can see it, we'll start believing
Rain, rain upon my land!
For the time of Jah Kingdom is at hand!
We will wait here no longer
Jah Lion is growing stronger and stronger

2nd bridge

Wrap your arms around me
Feel the wind rushing through the trees
I will wait here no longer
My heart is growing
Stronger and stronger!